EP. 000

Welcome to the Treating Trauma Podcast

With your hosts, Mickenzie and Christopher

EP. 000

Join co-hosts Mickenzie Vought and Christopher O'Reilly as they introduce Treating Trauma. Together they provide a glimpse of the topics and questions we'll be exploring on this limited series from Onsite. 

"I think my biggest takeaway is the universal struggle. Life is challenging. We can take struggles and look at them as opportunities for growth.

– Christopher O'Reilly

Meet Your Host:

Christopher O’Reilly, MA, LPC, serves as the Executive Director of Milestones, Onsite’s Residential Trauma Program.

Christopher has an extensive career running residential and outpatient programs specializing in trauma, addiction treatment, and detox. Within a nearly 20-year career with Caron Treatment Centers, Christopher honed his administrative and clinical skills overseeing residential programs’ full range of operational and therapeutic functions.

Christopher also served as an adjunct professor at West Chester University, teaching mind, body health.

Christopher‘s obtained his MA in Clinical Counseling from Alvernia University.

Meet Your Host:

As Editorial and Community Director of Onsite, Mickenzie is responsible further Onsite’s mission of changing lives through enhanced emotional health by creating and curating emotional health resources, such as this podcast, the Living Centered Podcast, and Onsite's yearly publication, the Onsite Journal.

Before joining the Onsite team, Mickenzie spent her career as a storyteller in various capacities. She cut her teeth at a non-profit where she learned the power of community development and compelling copy that connects.

Mickenzie is passionate about destigmatizing emotional and mental health, making resources more accessible, and creating opportunities for people to experience the magic of Onsite even if they never step foot on the property.