EP. 011

How is Equine Therapy An Effective Tool for Treating Trauma?

With Megan Repass

EP. 011

This week Christopher and Mickenzie sat down with Equine and Adventure Therapy Director, Megan Repass to take a deep dive into a uniquely powerful and connecting modality to address trauma. Together they explore how Equine Therapy can unlock healing and curate connection with ourselves and others.  

When trauma occurs, it moves us from our instinctive place of connection into a place of disconnection. Equine Therapy invites you to walk into an arena with a very large breathing, autonomous animal, that depends on connection. Horses have a way of literally showing us what it feels like to be connected again.

- Megan Repass

Meet this episode's expert:

Megan Repass, MS, CCTP, LADAC II, CCM has served in the helping profession and mental health field for 14 years working as an outdoor educator, director of a youth mentorship program, counselor, and director in a co-occurring residential treatment program, and adjunct professor.

As an experienced administrator, and certified equine, wilderness, and adventure therapist, Megan brings a unique skill set to our team.  Earning her Master’s Degree from Lipscomb University in psychology and a license in substance abuse counseling, Megan is a certified clinical trauma professional and utilizes modalities such as EMDR, IFS, psychodrama, and experiential therapy. Having received specific training in spiritual care, Megan works individually with clients who have experienced hurt in a religious setting or who may be searching for a sense of belonging to a greater purpose.

As the director of our Onsite Adventures program, Megan blends her extensive time spent as an outdoor educator and backcountry guide with her experience as a trauma therapist, affording the ability to craft distinct outdoor experiences that are curtailed to clients’ individual needs.